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The fundamental duty of the coroner or medical examiner is to serve mankind by assuring a thorough, comprehensive, and conscientious search for truth through medico-legal death investigation. Honesty, integrity, competence, compassion, and fairness are the guiding principles to fulfill this sworn and sacred duty. Obedience to all laws, adherence to the regulations of the office, and respect for the criminal justice system is viewed as a personal and professional mandate. The sensitivity required of this vocation is noted and confidentiality will be maintained unless necessary information is to be shared in the performance of duty and as required by law. Medico-legal death investigation is constantly evolving and the coroner or medical examiner will always continue to learn, train, and strive to remain contemporary in this chosen profession.

The coroner or medical examiner will not allow the duties, decisions, and obligations to be deferred, influenced, or impeded by personal feelings, prejudices, or friendships and conflict of interest will be avoided. In the search for answers and truth, there shall never be any hesitation to reach out to others whose talents, resources, and knowledge will shed light on the unknown.

It is recognized that the coroner and medical examiner is granted the public trust and, as such, will diligently endeavor to never forsake that trust and will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and ideals dedicated to the cause of justice. Above and beyond all that can be ascribed herein, the coroner or medical examiner will adhere to one simple precept: do the right thing.

Adopted by the membership of the Illinois Coroners & Medical Examiners Association on the 26th day of April, 2012.

Code of Ethics: Resources
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